Attaining through ‘effortless effort’

So there are two ways to grow. One way is the way of effort, resolve labour. There you are the master. Whatever you do you are the planner. Then whatsoever you attain is nothing but your own game. Much can certainly be achieved through effort, through labour and resolve. But whatever you attain will be smaller than you. And whatsoever you attain is called the world. What you get through resolve and labour is worldly. Your ego is strengthened by it. – it is a search for your own ego.

Elwha River

There is another way to attain – through surrender, through letting go, through waiting , through prayer, not through labour but through relaxation. It happens when you are relaxed, it happens when you are in prayer, it happens when you surrender yourself at the feet of the divine, it happens when you don’t swim but float along with the current of the river.It does not happen because of you, it happens because you keep yourself open. It is something bigger than you which makes it happen – you are simply not creating any obstacle. Essentially ,spiritual searches not an effort, it is a non-effort.

Zen masters have called it “effortless effort” and they are right. It is not a practice. You have leave yourself in the hands of the divine.

– Osho from ‘The Voice of Silence’

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