Opportunities will open up to us naturally…..

Imagine you see before you a carriage, a horse, and a driver. The carriage represents the physical body, the horse depicts the power of the emotions, and the driver corresponds to the intellect.

However, all is not well in this scene. Symbolizing the usual inner condition of a typical human being, the driver is intoxicated and has abandoned or forgotten his duties. He is in the public bar, wasting his money and drunkenly assuming what he thinks is the identity of his master. Outside, his horse is unfed and sickly, and the carriage is falling into disrepair. Before the master can come and take charge of the situation, the driver must wake up, put the horse and carriage in order, and again take his post on the driver’s box. The master of the carriage symbolizes your true identity. Carl Jung would call it your “Self,” and the Cayce readings would call it your “individuality.” The carriage master represents the part of you that knows where it’s going and how to get there, the part that knows your destiny. The first part of the parable describes the importance of getting your intellectual, emotional, and physical bodies in good working condition before expecting your “master” to come into the carriage. But there is a further element of the parable, one with tremendous significance. Even after the master has entered the carriage, he or she will not give instructions until the driver has taken his best guess on the appropriate direction and started the carriage moving. Once that initiative has been taken, it’s the driver’s job to listen intently for instructions from the master. Gurdjieff’s story effectively describes a universe that is responsive to our efforts. As we take the first step and do our best with what we know how to do, opportunities will open up to us naturally, through the action of spiritual law.

– Edgar Cayce




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