Meditation – Pathway to Freedom

The moment you are illuminated, the whole of existence is illuminated.
If you are in the dark, then the whole of existence is dark. It all depends on you.

There are thousand and one fallacies about meditation prevalent all around the world. Meditation is simple: it is nothing but consciousness. It is not chanting, it is not using a mantra or rosary. These are hypnotic methods. They can give you a certain kind of rest – nothing is wrong with that rest; if one is just trying to relax, it is perfectly good. Any hypnotic method can be helpful, but if one wants to know the truth, then it is not enough.

Meditation simply means transforming your unconsciousness into consciousness. Normally only one – tenth of your mind is conscious , and nine-thenths is unconscious. Just a small part of our mind, a thin layer, has light; otherwise the whole house is in darkness. And the challenge is to grow that small light so much that whole house is flooded with light, so that even a nook or corner is left in darkness.

When the whole house is full of light, then life is a miracle; it has the quality of magic, then it is no longer ordinary – everything becomes extraordinary. The mundane is transformed into the sacred, and the small things in life start having tremendous significance that one could not have ever imagined it. Ordinary stones look as beautiful as diamonds; the whole existence becomes illuminated.

– Osho

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