Thought of the Week – 29th August 2022 (3)

One area that deserves more focus, and agreement, is the need for boundaries. Not just legal boundaries but those informal boundaries that help to bind us together, that allow us to live well, in a cohesive society, even when we disagree.

We can’t enforce boundaries, except by enforcing our own behaviour. They help guard against the misuse of power.


Thought of the Week – 29th August 2022(2)

Five spectrums of behavior –
Openness to experience: from curious and inventive on one end to cautious and consistent on the other.
Conscientiousness: organized and efficient to easygoing and spontaneous.
Extroversion: outgoing and energetic to solitary and reserved (you likely know them as extroverts vs. introverts).
Agreeableness: friendly and compassionate to challenging and detached.
Neuroticism: anxious and sensitive to confident, calm, and stable.

James Clear

Thought for the Week – 29th August 2022

Do not take yesterday’s baggage into today, or you will find yourself back in yesterday, and stay away from tomorrow except to presume it to be what you need in benefit for your growth.
Every day becomes an opportunity to know who and what you are, and who others are as well, and let this be enough. Do not dwell in the past or predicate your safety upon a certain outline of a future that may or may not come to be. The teaching of the day is the teaching the soul requires. Tomorrow will present itself in its own perfect way.

Paul Selig

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