Thought for the Week – 22nd August 2022 (3)

“I think as one grows older, one is appallingly exposed to wearing life instead of living it. Habit, physical deterioration and a slower digestion of our experiences, all tend to make one look on one’s dear life as a garment, a dressing gown, a raincoat, a uniform, buttoned on with recurrent daily (tasks)….for myself I found one remedy, and that is to undertake something difficult, something new, to re-root myself in my own true faculties….for in such moments, life is not just a thing one wears, it is a thing one does and is.”


when you’re too focused on your historical wardrobe—rather than the person inside those clothes—you lose track of the authentic and special gifts you have to offer..

Thought of The Week – 22nd August 2022 (2)

Obit: Lee Kuan Yew - The Gardener Is No More

My life is not guided by philosophy or theories. I get things done and leave others to extract the principles from my successful solutions. I do not work on a theory. Instead, I ask: what will make this work?
If, after a series of solutions, I find that a certain approach worked, then I try to find out what was the principle behind the solution.

Lee Kwan Yew