Thought of the Week – 29th August 2022 (3)

One area that deserves more focus, and agreement, is the need for boundaries. Not just legal boundaries but those informal boundaries that help to bind us together, that allow us to live well, in a cohesive society, even when we disagree.

We can’t enforce boundaries, except by enforcing our own behaviour. They help guard against the misuse of power.


Thought of the Week – 29th August 2022(2)

Five spectrums of behavior –
Openness to experience: from curious and inventive on one end to cautious and consistent on the other.
Conscientiousness: organized and efficient to easygoing and spontaneous.
Extroversion: outgoing and energetic to solitary and reserved (you likely know them as extroverts vs. introverts).
Agreeableness: friendly and compassionate to challenging and detached.
Neuroticism: anxious and sensitive to confident, calm, and stable.

James Clear

Thought for the Week – 29th August 2022

Do not take yesterday’s baggage into today, or you will find yourself back in yesterday, and stay away from tomorrow except to presume it to be what you need in benefit for your growth.
Every day becomes an opportunity to know who and what you are, and who others are as well, and let this be enough. Do not dwell in the past or predicate your safety upon a certain outline of a future that may or may not come to be. The teaching of the day is the teaching the soul requires. Tomorrow will present itself in its own perfect way.

Paul Selig

one tusk

Everyone needs a Strategy

Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth. – Mike Tyson

EVERYONE NEEDS a strategy. Leaders of armies, major corporations, and political parties have long been expected to have strategies, but now no serious organization could imagine being without one. Despite the problems of finding ways through the uncertainty and confusion of human affairs, a strategic approach is still considered to be preferable to one that is merely tactical, let alone random. Having a strategy suggests an ability to look up from the short term and the trivial to view the long term and the essential, to address causes rather than symptoms, to see woods rather than trees. Without a strategy, facing up to any problem or striving for any objective would be considered negligent. Certainly no military campaign, company investment, or government initiative is likely to receiving backing unless there is a strategy to evaluate. If a decision can be described as strategically significant, then it is obviously more important than decisions of a more routine nature. By extension, people making such decisions are more important than those who only offer advice or are tasked with implementation.

Strategy: A History
Sir Lawrence Freedman

Book of the Month – September 2022 : The Book of Freedom by Paul Selig

‘You are accountable to all your choices, high, and low, and in-between.’

Paul Selig is a channeler, a man able to communicate with guides from the beyond, and in doing so provides important lessons for his readers. It has been said, ‘In a world of would-be psychics making great claims for themselves with little evidence to back them up, Paul Selig is the real thing. His books occupy a special place in the literature of channeled messages. THE BOOK Of FREEDOM is urgent, strong, always clear and lucid, and told with grace and wit.’

Well educated – both at New York University and at Yale – Paul experienced a spiritual experience in 1987 that rendered him a clairvoyant and his books on channeled literature are considered by many to be the zenith in the field. He maintains a practice as an intuitive in New York City.

In this fascinating and absorbing book Paul shows readers how to find full expression as the Divine Self through surrender and acquiescence to the true nature of their being. As he states, ‘Humanity itself is at a juncture now, and the reliance upon the old to solve your difficulties will not serve you in the ways that you hope it would. Reliance upon truth and the Divine within all things will give you the actions you require in the physical realm to withstand all change. When change comes, it may come quietly, or with thunder. It really matters not. The aspect of you that will withstand all change is the True Self, and your reliance upon her to give you ballast in the storm, to support you in change, will be the key to liberation from the net of fear that would seek to capture you within it.’ 

For doubters, simply read this book and by the end of the experience your life will be enhanced. 

Thought for the Week – 22nd August 2022 (3)

“I think as one grows older, one is appallingly exposed to wearing life instead of living it. Habit, physical deterioration and a slower digestion of our experiences, all tend to make one look on one’s dear life as a garment, a dressing gown, a raincoat, a uniform, buttoned on with recurrent daily (tasks)….for myself I found one remedy, and that is to undertake something difficult, something new, to re-root myself in my own true faculties….for in such moments, life is not just a thing one wears, it is a thing one does and is.”


when you’re too focused on your historical wardrobe—rather than the person inside those clothes—you lose track of the authentic and special gifts you have to offer..

Thought of The Week – 22nd August 2022 (2)

Obit: Lee Kuan Yew - The Gardener Is No More

My life is not guided by philosophy or theories. I get things done and leave others to extract the principles from my successful solutions. I do not work on a theory. Instead, I ask: what will make this work?
If, after a series of solutions, I find that a certain approach worked, then I try to find out what was the principle behind the solution.

Lee Kwan Yew

Thought of the Week – 15th August 2022 (3)

Unhappiness is to the mind as sickness is to the body. It is a state of disharmony and imbalance. It is a signal that something is amiss and requires attention. However, in the absence of any understanding as to the real cause of unhappiness, our culture can only offer consolations and distractions.

We all feel that health is the natural state of the body. Why do we not feel that happiness is the natural state of the mind?

Rupert Spira