Thought for the Week – 4th July 2022 (3)

There is no need for war; there is no need for poverty. We have enough money, enough resources, but seventy percent of the whole world’s resources go toward war. If that seventy percent is prevented from going toward bringing death to humanity, there is no need for anybody to become less rich. The living of all poor people can be raised higher. Marx’s idea, Lenin, Stalin, Mao – their whole philosophy is to bring the richer people down to the level of the poor people. That they call communism, I call stupidity. My idea is to raise every poor person higher and higher and bring him to the level of the richest person. There is no need for poverty. I will also have a classless society, but it will be of rich people.


Thought of the Week – 4th July 2022

This is probably obvious, but, CoViD has provided some important lessons – respect your health and the gift of life, respect we are subordinate to nature not the other way round and to find your spiritual way to be at peace with the reality that life is finite. Creating bubbles, prisons of your own making or imposing judgement of others is death or decay in living. Freedom is personal, the spiritual comfort that this life shall end so might as well get on with living it.