Nothing in all this is yours….

When you were born you didn’t come with a name. A name was given to you and you became that name. You didn’t come with any knowledge when you were born. You were taught and made to study, you went to school, to college. Many thoughts were poured into your brain. You were thrown into knowledge. Then you began to think it is your knowledge. Image result for drop and the oceanNothing in all this is yours. Everything is borrowed, everything is stale leftovers. Your name is not yours, your knowledge is not yours. The intelligence that you think is yours is not yours — it too has been constructed from others. If someone says you are very beautiful you fall for it. And if someone says you are simply incomparable you fall for that. If anyone praises you, you wrap it up to keep it. If anyone insults you you’re hurt.

Your personality is constructed from others opinions. It is the creation of other hands. Others have brought their brushes and painted you. And if you accept this as your being you will never be able to know yourself.

Gorakh says, DIE, OH YOGI, DIE! Let this false form die, so you can experience your real form. Let your mask fall away. It is good if this clothing burns to ash, so your truth, naked, can manifest in its naturalness. Until the ego is gone there will be no experience of being. And one who does not experience his own being, his soul, how will he become conscious of the soul of existence?

Soul is a drop, existence is the ocean. If you experience the drop you begin to experience the ocean too, because the ocean is hidden in the drop. And what else is the ocean than combined drops?

– Osho from ‘Death is Divine’

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