Book Recommendation – The Edgar Cayce Primer – Discovering the path to Self Transformation

“While Edgar Cayce may indeed be “the sleeping prophet,” Herbert Puryear is some type of angel himself in how he interprets Cayce’s work. This book is so far beyond anything I’ve read in the spiritual/New Age realm that it needs to take its place in the pantheon of all-time great non-fiction works.

As others have noted, Puryear’s tone is almost scientific, but don’t fear boredom or confusion by my using that word. Each sentence is so loaded with such profound truths and wisdoms that very often, I could only read a few paragraphs before having to put it down in order to reflect on what I’d just read. Puryear is a genius, pure and simple, and it’s his generosity of heart and spirit that gives the work a poignancy one finds in any great work of art. Believe me, it’s that good.

This will have a permanent home on my bookshelf, and I’m sure that as I read it again and again, I’ll discover buried truths I didn’t see (or wasn’t ready for) the first time around.”

Seriously, I can’t believe someone is out there who can write this well. Do yourself a favor and buy it.

“I’ve read many self-help books. One of my favorites was “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Steven Covey, which was great! But, “The Edgar Cayce Primer” takes the cake! Many self transformation books talk about how to deal with life situations on the physical plain, but very few books go back to the Source or the Root of all creation. This book is very repetitve on the subjects of “Oneness” and the first two most important Commandments, which I think, is a good thing because this book stresses these points showing the reader that this is the only way to self-fulfillment, coming out of living in darkness, loving yourself, spiritual strength. I could go on forever about how this book is changining and continually changes my life.”

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