Take a deep breath….

People are creatures of habit. That’s why they react to change in such a negative way. They’re used to using something in a certain way and any change upsets the natural order of things.

So they push back. They complain. They demand that you revert to the way things were.
But that doesn’t mean you should act. Sometimes you need to go ahead with a decision you believe in, even if it’s unpopular at first.
People often respond before they give a change a fair chance. Sometimes that
initial negative reaction is more of a primal response. That’s why you’ll sometimes hear things like, “It’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen.” No, it’s not. It’s a minor change. Come on……


……Change is progress, change is growth, change is inspiring. Make sure you don’t foolishly backpedal on a tough but necessary change. Listen, communicate, and empathize, but let people know you’re going to stay the course and see what happens. Take a deep breath. People will adjust. And they’ll probably wind up liking the new way better than the old.

– Jason Fried from Rework

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