If science is one, then why should the science of the inner not be one, too?

Are you against all the religions? What is their most fundamental mistake?
Yes, I am against all the so-called religions because they are not religions at all. I am for religion but not for the religions.

The true religion can only be one, just like science. You don’t have a Mohammedan physics, a Hindu physics, a Christian physics; that would be nonsense. But that’s what the religions have done – they have made the whole earth a madhouse.
If science is one, then why should the science of the inner not be one, too?
Science explores the objective world and religion explores the subjective world. Their work is the same, just their direction and dimension are different.
In a more enlightened age there will be no such thing as religion, there will be only two sciences: objective science and subjective science. Objective science deals with things, subjective science deals with being.
That’s why I say I am against the religions but not against religion. But that religion is still in its birth pangs. All the old religions will do everything in their power to kill it, to destroy it – because the birth of a science of consciousness will be the death of all these so-called religions which have been exploiting humanity for thousands of years.
What will happen to their churches, synagogues, temples? What will happen to their priesthood, their popes, their imams, their shankaracharyas, their rabbis? It is big business. And these people are not going to easily allow the true religion to be born.
But the time has come in human history when the grip of the old religions is loosening.
– Osho
“Religion is the secret of life. It teaches us to love, to serve, to forgive, to endure, and to interact with our brothers and sisters with empathy and compassion. Advaita (non-duality) is a purely subjective experience. But in daily life it may be expressed as love and compassion. This is the great lesson taught by the great saints and sages of India, the exponents of Sanatana Dharma.”

― Mata Amritanandamayi

One thought on “If science is one, then why should the science of the inner not be one, too?

  1. Science will tell how stuff is created. But, the true religion will tell why it is created. The true religions answers all the ‘why’s’ and the heart will be at peace.
    Why was the universe created?
    Why humans were created?
    Why is there life and death?
    Why mountains were created?
    Why are we created?
    What is the purpose of our existence?
    Do we just live and die?
    What happens after death?
    What is the meaning of all this?
    Why planets and stars were created?
    I got the answers to all the above questions? Did you?
    Life is not just we are born, we make money, try not to get poor and die. This is not the meaning of life. I suggest you search for the truth.

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