We can make things better, or we can let things slide

What is your first thought when we hear that two of our friends are having a quarrel? Do we immediately look for a way to avoid getting involved? What do we think when we see a news story about a major natural disaster? It’s normal to feel relieved that we don’t live there. When we learn about a crime victim, do we wonder, How can I protect myself from such a fate? These reactions are typical; they express the fundamental desire for self preservation. Yet from a spiritual perspective they suggest that we are running away from our special opportunities. Life engages us everyday to express the love of the creator. Most situations involve other people. As the Cayce readings often commented, we neither live nor die unto ourselves. Rather, we live in constant association with the rest of life. Our actions and even thoughts have a constant impact on all of creation.

In every situation we encounter, we have a choice of options. We can make things better, or we can let things slide. But each choice makes an impact on the course of events. As one popular aphorism states: “if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem”

– Mark Thurston from Edgar Cayce Handbook for Creating  Your Future

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