Book Recommendation: My Experiments With Truth – Mahatma Gandhi

“I used to be not a follower of Mahatma Gandhi. However, one day I came across his autobiography named My Experiment with Truth in the library. I decided to issue it, just out of curiosity to read something about the father of my nation in his own words. It took me only two days to complete the reading of this book. The book is written in a very lucid language and an average literate person can read it and understand the point that Gandhi wanted to convey. For me, this is the best book that I ever read. The most important characteristics of the book that I observed is the honesty by which Gandhi wrote about his life and major movements with which he was associated. His writings on movements make it a must for any student who wants to know something about the Indian independence movement. I have read many autobiography but I never came across with the assemblage of honest words like this of Gandhi s book has. The fact that Gandhi never hesitate to criticize himself is an eye-opener for many politicians and activists as it shows what is required to become a man of immense power who can make simple citizen powerful without the use of force. Besides the simplicity and honesty that this book contains, I have also felt that this is a book which should always be in the shelf because of some quotes that this book has. I would like to give this book ten rating points out of ten and would ask everyone interesting in knowing about the amazing freedom struggle of India to read this book. I think this book gives more relevant information on the movement than any good history book.”



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