Will is usually ‘asleep’

We may be destined to meet particular individuals at particular points in our lives – meetings that are really the result of decisions made as souls even before our physical births. However, once such a meeting takes place, destiny is at an end: what remains is what we make of the opportunity with our free will.

Think about how this principle might apply to your own life. Perhaps you were destined to meet your spouse, your boss, and other specific people. But what is the quality of those relationships now? It’s a matter not of destiny but how you have chosen to think,  feel, and act toward those individuals. It may not please you to hear the notion that your will is usually ‘asleep’. No one likes to think that he or she is “out to lunch”, out of touch with what’s going on in life. But even though this idea may make you uncomfortable, a little bit of careful self-observation will probably prove the point. Very rarely in the course of a day are you likely to pause and use your will. You may seem to make choices, but more often than not those “decisions” are automatic reactions, unconscious compulsions to follow old habit patterns. Circumstances probably dictate most of the direction to your typical day.

– Mark Thurston & Christopher Fazel from ‘Edgar Cayce Handbook for creating your future’

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