Resign as General Manager of the Universe and as the Star of Your Drama

In order to transcend our suffering, we must go against our instinct to hold on and instead surrender to the path of letting go. Anything we want to change, anything we’re afraid of , anything that we are angry about or refuse to accept will keep us glued to the past and attached to our stories and the shadow beliefs that drive them.Quotes about inspirational - For peace of mind, resign as general manager of the universe. Surrendering to what is, requires us to soften our hearts , let go of the expectations that come out of our stories, and accept whatever life presents us. Surrendering to all the ingredients that have made up our lives invites us to listen with innocent years to the deeper message of our pain rather than being stopped by the familiar conclusions voiced by our Shadow Boxes.  Only when we admit that we are clinging to the comfort of our stories will we be able to soften our resistance and gain the wisdom of our life’s experiences. Only by making a new decision to use our stories to love ourselves rather than to beat ourselves up will we ever be free to use them in the way they were designed to be used. I promise that if you let go, if you Resign as General Manager of the Universe and as the Star of Your Drama, your life will get easier and you will be able to hear the deeper calling of your soul.

– Debbie Ford from ‘The Secret of the Shadow’

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