Observable Candor and Caring Criticism

‘….in our research at more than 50 large companies over the past three years, we identified  “observable candor”  as the behaviour that best predicts high – performing teams. But asking people to be candid in the absence of a supportive organisational culture is a challenge. We believe that forthrightness should not just be encouraged but required…..

….Teach “caring criticism”. Negative feedback can hurt, but usually it’s a gift aimed at helping the recipient improve performance or avoid mistakes. We should deliver and receive it that way…We’ve found that if you think of the person giving you honest feedback as generous, rather than critical, you become less defensive and more open to changing you behaviour….

…True collaboration is impossible when people don’t trust one another to speak with candor. Solving problems requires that team members be unafraid to ask questions or propose wrong answers. Risk management is another area that relies almost completely on people admitting their mistakes. It takes work to create a candid environment supported by respectful, honest relationships, but it’s a challenge every leader shoul embrace.’

– Keth Ferrazzi author of the book ‘Who’s Got Your Back’

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