The Future of Management

Turns out that in an age of wrenching change and hyper-competition, the most valuable human capabilities are precisely those that are least manage-able. Nerve. Artistry. Élan. Originality. Grit. Non-conformity. Valor. Derring-do. These are the qualities that create value in the 21st century. Self-discipline. Economy. Orderliness. Rationality. Prudence. Reliability. Moderation. Fastidiousness. These are the human qualities modern management was designed to foster and reward. No wonder most organizations are less resilient and inventive than the people who work for them.”

“My guess is that the most bruising skirmishes in the new millennium won’t be fought along the battle lines that separate one competitor, ecosystem or economic bloc from another. Rather,they will be fought along the lines that separate those who seek to defend the prerogatives, power and prestige of their bureaucratic caste from those who hope to build less structured, less tightly managed organizations that elicit and merit the very best that human beings have to give.”

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