Core Values and Beliefs – Herman Miller Inc

We are a research-driven company; we are not a market driven company.

We intend to make a contribution to society, through our products, services, and the way we deliver them.

We are dedicated to quality; quality of product, quality of service, quality of relationships, quality of communications, quality of our promises.

We believe that we should be, for all who are involved, a place of realised potential.

We cannot live our lives isolated from the needs of society.

We are committed to the Scanlon idea, a plan for practicing participative management, including productivity and profit sharing.

Profit, like breathing, is indispensable. While it is not the sole goal of our lives, in the context of our opportunities, profit must be a result of our contribution.

– Abstracted from “Leadership is an Art”, by Max DePree CEO, Herman Miller

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