Cheerful Willingness and Dedication rather than ‘do-gooderism’

An acquaintance named Greta exemplifies came to the United States from Ireland with only a limited grade-school education and no skills and thus sought work as a maid. She found a job as an upstairs maid on the large estate of a very wealthy and socially prominent family. Her cheerful willingness and dedication to the family’s welfare resulted in her progressive promotion to housekeeper. She tended to all the needs of the family, traveling around the world with them in luxurious style. The father of the family had many investments and he occasionally gave Greta a ‘tip’ at dinnertime about the stock market. Peculiarly enough, Greta’s stocks always skyrocketed. As time went on, his occasional recommendations resulted in the expansion of Greta’s portfolio, with its relatively frequent stock splits. Eventually, she traded a block of stocks for some Manhattan (New York) real estate and subsequently became a millionaire in her own right. Despite her now considerable wealth, Greta continued with her dedication to the family as they grew up, had their ‘coming out’ parties, got married, etc. One day she received a call from a distant uncle who was visiting from Ireland. He called a number of family members to meet with him in New York City, which was a bit of a trip, but Greta was the only one who agreed to do so. She met him for lunch, and then he went back to Ireland. A few years later, he died and left an enormous estate (worth many millions of dollars) to Greta out of gratitude for her friendliness. Greta continued on as the family housekeeper and was a multimillionaire many times over by the time she finally died. Her funeral was attended by many hundreds of people whom she had befriended over the years. In her will, she left a great deal to charity, along with enough to make all of her children and relatives extremely wealthy also. Apropos of Greta’s story, a recent remark by another acquaintance said, “You know, a million dollars just doesn’t go very far anymore.” Cheerful Willingness and Dedication   (cal. 310) stands in contrast to ‘do-gooderism’ (cal. 190), which seeks control and imposition of presumptive values on others.

Transcending the Levels of Consciousness: The Stairway to Enlightenment
David R. Hawkins


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