Book Recommendation – The Paradox of Success By John R O’Neil

The bestselling book for leaders looking for renewal. In all fields, many leaders feel that the costs of their professional victories outweigh the rewards. With nearly 30,000 copies sold, The Paradox of Success has helped leaders achieve balance in their lives. John O’Neil, a well-known consultant to top business executives, draws on his fascinating studies of long- distance winners’ psychological and business strategies to show the way out of this dilemma, and help readers find steadiness, renew their lives, and reinvigorate their organizations in the process.
( Introduced by Kerry Roxburgh)

“This book changed my perspective and helped me identify a number of ‘shadows’ that kept me from really enjoying life. A book that compelled me to Pause, Reflect and Go Inwards . I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend it for anyone.” – OTE
The paradox of success is a book about ‘leadership’ that rapidly becomes a hand-book to help you think about yourself as a leader and – most important – as a person. The messages therein are quite profound and I know from others that this book has had the same impact on them. I would urge you to read this book if you want to become a more effective manager / person.

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