Image result for speed of responseTypes of speed:

Perceptual speed. Quickness of eye to see openings and to discourage the opponent, confusing him and slowing him down.
Mental speed. Quickness of mind to select the right move to frustrate and counter the opponent.
Initiation speed. Economical starting from the right posture and with the correct mental attitude.
Performance speed. Quickness of movement in carrying the chosen move into effect. Involves actual muscle contraction speed.
Alteration speed. The ability to change direction midstream. Involves control of balance and inertia. (Use small phasic bent-knee stance.)
Desirable characteristics to promote speed: Mobility Spring, resilience, elasticity Resistance to fatigue (i.e.: stamina and physical fitness) Physical and mental alertness Imagination and anticipation

Tao of Jeet Kune Do
Bruce Lee

 Can these same principles also apply to organisations – One Tusk


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