Priests and Religion


Image result for j krishnamurtiWhat do you mean by a priest? The man in a yellow robe, the sannyasi, or the man who wears a clerical collar, and so on? The priest is supposed to be a mediator between you and reality, between you and God, between you and the immeasurable, is he not? But can there be a mediator between you and the real? How can there be? Haven’t you to be a light unto yourself?

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One thought on “Priests and Religion

  1. A priest is a teacher that teaches the sadhana to connect with God. Teacher bridges you and the knowledge. Often ignorance (darkness) stands inbetween us and knowledge and we need a teacher to dispel the darkness. Similarly a priest with the help of scriptures dispels some of the superstitious beliefs that often accompany a sincere but ignorant seeker. My 2 cents.


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