God never made a deal with anybody

The devil is always making a deal with somebody. God never made a deal with anybody. Once it so happened that a priest was walking on the street and he saw a man who had just been stabbed. The man was lying face down on the street, struggling for breath and writhing in pain. The priest had always been taught that compassion was the highest thing, love is the way, and all that stuff. Naturally, he ran to the man. He turned him over and saw that it was the devil himself. He was shocked and horrified and quickly backed away. The devil begged him, “Please take me to the hospital! Do something!” The priest hesitated and thought, “Why should I save you, the devil? You’re against God. Why should I save you? You should die. The whole priesthood is about somehow banishing the devil, and it looks like somebody has almost done a good job of it. I’ll just let you die.” The devil said, “Don’t do this. Jesus told you to love thine enemy, and you know I am your enemy. You must love me.” Then the priest said, “I know the devil always quotes the scriptures. I’m not going to fall for that.” So the devil said, “Don’t be a fool. If I die, who will come to church? Who will seek God? Then what will happen to you? Okay, you won’t listen to the scriptures, but now I am talking business; you better listen.” The priest understood that this was true. With no devil, who would come to church? This made business sense. He immediately put the devil on his shoulders and took him to the hospital.

– Mystic Musings by Satguru


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