Deal with a problem which arises; face it courageously

FROM A CONVERSATION WITH RICHARD STENGEL Yes, the boarding master is the man who is in charge of the students in a college, yes. Now this was a remarkable man . . . He once gave a sermon [about] a man whose house was haunted by evil spirits. He did everything to drive them out, but he failed. Then he decided to leave his kraal [a rural settlement of huts and houses], packed all his things on a wagon and started driving away to settle elsewhere. Along the way, he met a friend and the friend asked, ‘Where are you going?’ Before he answered, a voice came out of the wagon, ‘We are trekking, we are leaving our kraal.’ It was one of the evil spirits. He thought he was leaving them behind; he actually came along with them. And he says, the moral was ‘Don’t run away from your problems; face them! Because if you don’t deal with them, they will always be with you. Deal with a problem which arises; face it courageously.’ That was the moral . . . I never forgot that, you see, and I accepted that if you have a problem, you must face it and not gloss over it.

From Conversations with Myself by Nelson Mandela

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