Book Recommendation : Magic of Conflict by Thomas Crum

How to turn the crisis of conflict to an opportunity

“Connectedness is reality. Separation is an illusion. … True strength is flowing energy and a willingness to blend energies. Unlimited strength and power are available to the extent that we let go of tension, fear, and boundaries.”

Conflicts can be disastrous or miraculous says Thomas Crum in the Magic of Conflict, depending on how you react to them. If you feel threatened and try to defend yourself, you will lose even if you win. If you know you will lose, you probably will. If you hope to win and work hard at winning, you MAY just wear yourself out and fall into bitterness and decay. OR you MAY take a leap from the you OR me attitude to the you AND me attitude, says Crum. This is the magic of conflict. That we both care so much that we are willing to talk until we learn from each other. Understanding each other’s concerns, we can see other possibilities, win-win solutions. Through the alchemy of conflict, we can turn the base metal of discouragement and divisiveness into the gold of understanding a new paradigm.

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