One thought on “Life

  1. – from the response by Senator S.Nadesan Q.C. at the Peter Pillai Award Presentation for Human Rights, 1984

    “Life is work and work is worship… God gives us opportunities to be of service to humanity, to our country, to ourselves. We must be ready and equipped to make use of those opportunities …More than 2500 years ago a great Tamil poet wrote ‘Every country is my country, every human being is my kinsman’. The brotherhood of man and universal love are themes central to practically all religions of the world. From this followed human rights such as the right to life, right to freedom of thought and speech and right to equality between man and man….

    …. According to the Upanishads life is work and work is worship. So in the evening of my life I have fought many a battle as a member of the Civil Rights Movement… I have won a few and lost many. I console myself with the thought that what matters is the fight for the cause and not the results. What is important is the fight and the struggle for justice and not the victory nor the defeat.

    The saying in Bhagavad Gita ‘To action you have a right but not to the fruits thereof’ has been a source of great comfort to me in my life as it has enabled me to cultivate a sense of detachment which is necessary for happiness and peace of mind.”

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