Life is always under construction

“…One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned in life is that success is neither the destination nor the journey, but a way of travelling. Destinations and journeys inevitably involve arrivals and endings. I have always felt the word retired, for example was misspelled. The word should be retried or maybe, reinspired. Retired implies tired again or perhaps tired for the final time… Life is not something to step back from and admire when completed. It is an ongoing process of design, laying the foundations, forming, erecting, bonding, changing, detailing, refining and renovating… It is always under construction.. It calls for us to gain hindsight from all that went before… It calls for us to gain foresight by imagining a better world ahead for all by passing on our trials, errors, and achievements as lessons in leadership. It calls for us to live in the present, longing for neither yesterday nor tomorrow, but rather facing what today offers, boldly, optimistically and flexibly…”

– Denis Waitley

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