While we all learn, we also all teach……

“ From the beginning to the end, life is a school, complete with individualized tests and challenges. When we’ve learned all we can possibly learn, and when we have taught all we can possibly teach, we return home. It’s sometimes hard to see what the lessons are. It’s difficult to understand, for example, that children who die at age two may have come here to teach their parents about compassion and love. Not only may we have difficulty understanding what is being taught, we may never know which lessons we’re supposed to master. It would be impossible to master them all perfectly, and there are undoubtedly some dragons we’re not supposed to slay this lifetime. Sometimes not slaying them is the lesson. It’s easy to look at someone and say, “Oh, it’s so sad, he didn’t get the lesson of forgiveness before he died.” But maybe he still learned what he was supposed to. Or perhaps he was presented with opportunities to learn, but chose not to. And who knows? Maybe he wasn’t supposed to get the lesson by forgiving. Perhaps you were offered an opportunity to get the lesson of forgiveness by watching him. While we all learn, we also all teach.”

Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth; David Kessler

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