It’s a give and take partnership… Hardly anyone is strong, wise,patient,brave or thoughthul all the time. Sometime we inspire others  and  other times we need an inspiration.. Though , its important to chose your  company wisely , the one willing to listen at some  times …and talk at others; understanding  there is a teacher waiting to be born inside each student and realizing good teachers  never stop learning … We could be a guiding lights in someone’s life, a sparcle bringing the energy  and taking a lead for a little while..or  someone needing  a wise voice, open mind, brave heart and a gentle pat on the back. It’s a law of the Universe…constant flow…where nothing stays the same and is moving…The life energy in all of us is no different…its alive …moving with its current…passing from one to another ..changed  by our unique filtering  , sharing the space and time ..uniting us all.

– Agnieszka

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