Just Being There…..

“As I increasingly spent time with people living with Alzheimer’s, I realized that anger and impatience worked against me. If I was impatient with someone living with Alzheimer’s, they would react by withdrawing. If I was angry about anything at all, they would get angry back or at least become anxious and agitated. On the other hand, being present to each person I was with led to more profound friendships and relationships than when I thought I was the center of the world. Over the years I have transferred these lessons to my own family. I have a loving relationship with my wife and all my children, and just “being” with both friends and strangers is extremely rewarding. The gifts I have received from all the people living with Alzheimer’s I have known and know today are the gifts of patience, non anger, and the joy of being present with others—just to be with another person in their own space with whoever they are at the moment.”

– From “I’m Still Here” by John Zeizel

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