Consumers Desire A Better World

Today’s consumers are eager to become loyal fans of companies that respect purposeful capitalism. They are not opposed to companies making a profit; indeed, they may even be investors in these companies–but at the core, they want more empathic, enlightened corporations that seek a balance between profit and purpose. The 2009 Edelman “Goodpurpose” survey of 6,000 consumers aged 18-64 across ten countries overwhelmingly confirmed this consumer sentiment. Here are some of the statistics that show the extent to which consumers want a better world and are willing to support those corporations that make an effort to deliver it:

  • 83 percent of consumers are willing to change their consumption habits if it can help make tomorrow’s world a better place to live.
  • 82 percent agree that supporting a good cause makes them feel better about themselves.
  • 61 percent have bought a brand that supports a good cause even if it was not the cheapest brand.
  • 64 percent would recommend a brand that supports a good cause, up from 52 percent last year.
  • 59 percent would help a brand promote its products if there was a good cause behind it.
  • 56 percent believe the interests of society and the interests of businesses should have equal weight in business decisions.
  • 66 percent of people globally believe it is no longer enough for corporations to simply give money to a good cause; they need to integrate good causes into their day-to-day business.
  • 59 percent of people globally (61 percent in the United States) have a better opinion of corporations that integrate good causes into their business, regardless of the reasons why they do so.
  • 65 percent of people have more trust in a brand that is ethically and socially responsible.
  • 64 percent of consumers say they expect brands today to do something to support a good cause.
  • 63 percent of consumers want brands to make it easier for them to make a positive difference in the world.
  • 67 percent would switch brands if a different brand of similar quality supported a good cause.

SIMON MAINWARING from his new book ‘We First’

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