Start a bottom-up revolution – Gary Hamel

Step 1

Build a point of view (POV). Understand what is changing in the world and what opportunities these changes make possible. Create a POV that is credible, coherent, compelling and commercial. Start your journey with a sense of destiny. Don’t be afraid to dream big.

Step 2

Write a manifesto. Infect others with your ideas by demonstrating the inevitability of the cause, speaking to timeless human needs and aspirations, drawing clear implications for action and eliciting support. Think of your manifesto as a virus. It must build a case for your intellectual authority and it must capture people’s imagination.

Step 3

Create a coalition. Transform individual authority into collective authority by seducing, cajoling and convincing others to get things done. Build strength from below, as many new opportunities don’t fit neatly into any of the existing organizational boxes.

Step 4

Pick your targets and pick your moments. Know and understand who in your organization can say “yes” and make it stick. Every event is an opportunity to advance your POV, but pick your moment carefully. Plus, always have an elevator speech ready.

Step 5

Co-opt and neutralize. Win-win propositions are vital to your campaign. Make people see you as a catalyst for change.

Step 6

Find a translator. Find somone who shares your view of the future and who can better communicate to the influential people. This gives the audience a better/different view of the project.

Step 7

Win small; win early; win often. Start small! Organizing efforts are worth nothing if you can’t demonstrate that your ideas actually work. Ask yourself, “What will constitute an early win?”

Step 8
Isolate; infiltrate; integrate. Take action! Turn your experiment into a reality. Your experiment must take root throughout the organization and send out runners that will transform the landscape.

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