Thought for the Week – 23rd November 2020

The first step in spiritual discipline is cleansing of the speech. Talk sweetly without anger. Do not boast of your scholarship or attainments. Be humble, and eager to serve. Conserve your speech. Practice silence. That will save you from squabbles, idle thoughts, and factions. Again, practice the attitude of joy when others are joyful and of grief when others around you are grieved. Let your heart move in sympathy. The joy and grief have to be translated into service; they should not be mere emotions! Train yourself by using the spark of wisdom that has been implanted in you. Once you try with all your might, the Lord’s grace will be there to help you forward! When the sun rises, not all lotuses in the lake bloom; only the grown buds open their petals. The others await their time. It is the same with people. Differences do exist because of unripeness, though all fruits have to ripen and fall someday.

Sathya Sai Baba

Divine Discourse, Apr 23, 1961 

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