Peaceful Music – Prem Joshua

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Prem Joshua is a pioneer in the field of World Music, exploring and creating a new synthesis in sound which takes us beyond the borders of both East and West.

Haunting melodies on the sitar, bamboo flute and soprano sax soar over driving tabla rhythms – ancient Sanskrit and Sufi poems are re-awakened by captivating songs and chants. And while drawing inspiration from these deep wells of the musical traditions of the East, Joshua has never lost touch with the pulse of contemporary Western music. Over the years he has continued to refine his awesome talent for fusion, mixing meditative classical Indian ragas with highly energetic compositions, modern cutting-edge sounds and grooves, to create a music both distinctive and unique.”

“I was a natural rebel and I was very against this whole sannyasin path, I hated anything that looked like a cult. But I wanted to find out what it was all about. So I went to one discourse. Before, my head was telling me to stay aloof, to stay judgmental, but as soon as Osho walked in I started crying. It was beyond my head, it was in my heart. And the love affair with the master started there; it′s still there.”
“I used to play for Osho every day, he encouraged me to play Indian music, the sitar, the bamboo flute. We would spend a whole day creating a new piece for him. It was not performing, it was like a big wave of love expressed through music. It was unbelievable.”

– Prem Joshua