Majority of us are zombies being carried away by the thought current….


“Each day as you wake up, watch your thoughts for they are the steam that drives your engine. If you are a passive observer, then the thoughts will pass like clouds only making you just conscious of them. If your vigilance slackens, then a thought will hold your attention, and bring force upon you to act. At that moment remind to question yourself.

Contemplation is of utmost necessity before you submit to the subtle pressure the thought builds up to influence you to move in the direction it intends to take you.

Ask yourself why you should take the dictates of the thought or what causes that thought to enter your mind and endeavor to prevail on you.

The pause, the questioning leads to enlightenment.

If so, is it not astonishing that each minute unconsciously you become pregnant with ‘enlightenment’; you abort it by not recognizing the potential.

Majority of us are zombies being carried away by the thought current.

When you begin to identify the swimming of thoughts in your mind, and the gripping of One to motivate you to action, you can salute yourself as having found that step leading to enlightenment.

The exercise of investigating the birth and cause of the thought, lingers you from being driven pell-mell by the thought. This very process of looking for a clue that stimulated the thought, in time becomes all absorbing.

You have undertaken to delve into your mind very much like a psychiatrist dredging your memories.

You will come to discover in due course, an incident many moons ago, hitherto dormant was awakened by a set of circumstances to surface in your mind and let events develop from it.

Your state of mind of the moment, consequently will on close examination reveal the inappropriateness of the mood, if you had become the victim of the thought.”


– R Maharaja


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